Thursday Night

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Stuff I’m up to lately, in bullet-point form

  • Going to classes, which ranges from pretty awesome to completely awful and a waste of my time (aka ME 410 – Statics)
  • Writing lots of code, but never finishing everything due to boredom / exhaustion / laziness
  • Working at OSC, which is a mixed bag
  • Playing Nintendo DS a lot more now that I’ve got an SD adapter for it
  • Watching through Arrested Development again
  • Reading the Internets a lot, LifeHacker really is an awesome site, everyone should read it

In general though, I feel as if my big problem is the same as most other people who have graduated / will graduate soon, I have no one to really hang out with. My girlfriend is great and if it weren’t for her I probably would’ve went insane by now but as Kurt Vonnegut puts it, I need to “join a gang”; I’m really down to only two people who are still in Columbus that I still hang out with. We spend time with the German department kids, but they don’t do things that often and I still kind of feel like an accessory a bit (not because of them, they’re great).

Normally I’d take this upon myself to start anew and get to fixing this problem, but I’m hesitant because I’m leaving soon for a whole new city where I’ll really have to start again. I suppose that this is just a transition period that I’ll have to get through.

Written by Paul Betts

February 4th, 2007 at 10:46 pm

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