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Native PulseAudio with Flash 9 – fix video crashes

I spent some time and appeared to fix the video-related crashes in the Flash 9 plugin when you use Revolution Linux’s to use PulseAudio with Flash 9. I suspect this library is somewhat buggy, but this fix makes it skip the buggy sections (at least for me, I couldn’t get it to crash). The changes to the source file are in this diff file if you’re curious; basically we change around the order that the plugin tries to access sound backends – skipping ESD and ALSA since if you try to use ALSA while Pulseaudio is using it, there’s a mess, and falling back to OSS (which can also work decently if you use padsp)

Ubuntu Package

Install this file using sudo dpkg -i libflashsupport_1.0~2219-2_i386.deb

Written by Paul Betts

June 8th, 2007 at 3:36 pm

Posted in Linux