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New Release: ReactiveUI 2.3.1

What’s New

ReactiveUI 2.3.1 is a maintenance release. The big difference is to fix the NuGet packages because they were targeted at the wrong branch of Rx.NET – I had built against the 1.0 branch, but only the 1.1 branch is published.

Wrong Branch?

With the latest release of the Reactive Extensions, the team has split the product into two branches – the stable release (having a version number of 1.0.10425), and the experimental release (which begins with 1.1). While the term “Experimental” sounds scary, it’s currently a bit of a misnomer – Experimental is just the Stable release with some extra methods added. Conveniently, they tagged all of the differences with an Attribute called “Experimental”, so you can use a disassembler such as ILSpy or JetBrains’ dotPeek to find all of the new cool stuff if you find the “ExperimentalAttribute” class, then “Find Usages”.

Keep in mind, that the reason that the release is Experimental, is that these new APIs are subject to change – they might work differently in future releases, or be gone altogether.

One more thing

It’s not all boring changes – I added one small feature that folks were asking for: in your class definitions, if you have a custom property getter/setter and can’t use RaiseAndSetIfChanged, you can now use the Expression syntax with RaisePropertyChanging/RaisePropertyChanged. So, “RaisePropertyChanged(x => x.SomeProperty)”.

What is Rx-Xaml?

For the current Rx release, the DLL that contains “ObserveOnDispatcher” (and everything Dispatcher-related) is in a separate “System.Windows.Reactive.Threading.dll” assembly. This DLL is needed for any project that uses WPF/Silverlight/WP7. The Rx team decided to publish two separate packages for this DLL, “Rx-WPF” and “Rx-Silverlight”. While this is easier to grok, it also makes it difficult for projects like ReactiveUI that support both WPF and Silverlight, since I can’t write the dependency in my NuSpec file correctly. So, I created a new package, “Rx-Xaml”, that is a simple merge of “Rx-WPF” and “Rx-Silverlight” – based on the platform, it will do the right thing. I’ll keep this package up-to-date, so feel free to depend on it.

Written by Paul Betts

May 29th, 2011 at 4:27 pm