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New Release: SassAndCoffee 0.9 – now not glacially slow!

What does SassAndCoffee do?

SassAndCoffee is a library for ASP.NET (both MVC and old-school WebForms) that adds drop-in support for two new languages: Sass and SCSS, a language that allows you to write reusable, more structured CSS, as well as CoffeeScript, which is a JavaScript dialect that is much more syntactically elegant, but still preserving 100% compatibility with regular JavaScript.

How to use SassAndCoffee

  • Add the package reference via NuGet
  • Add a .coffee, .scss, or .sass file to your project (an easy test is to just rename a CSS file to .scss)
  • Reference the file as if it was a CSS or .JS file (i.e. to reference “scripts/”, you should reference “scripts/test.js” in your SCRIPT tag)
  • To get the minified version of a file (either a coffee file or a standard js file), ask for the “.min.js” version (i.e. “scripts/test.min.js”)

What’s New in SassAndCoffee 0.9 – Speed, Speed, Speed!

SassAndCoffee now embeds the V8 Javascript Engine – this improves compilation speeds dramatically compared with previous releases. This feature only works on x86/amd64 on Windows, but if you’re on Mono or some other platform, SassAndCoffee will fall back to the old Jurassic-based engine. All of this is behind the scenes though, nothing changes from the perspective of a user (except for the NuGet package went from 400kb to 3.7MB!) Compilation speeds for Sass are improved as well through better reuse of IronRuby engine instances.

What else is new?

  • The Sass @import directive now works – this is an awesome feature of Sass that really allows you to clean up your CSS files and write them more like code and keep it DRY!
  • Reliability improvements – less crashification and race conditions

Written by Paul Betts

June 6th, 2011 at 3:02 am