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SassAndCoffee 1.1 Released

What does SassAndCoffee do?

SassAndCoffee is a library for ASP.NET (both MVC and old-school WebForms) that adds drop-in support for two new languages: Sass and SCSS, a language that allows you to write reusable, more structured CSS, as well as CoffeeScript, which is a JavaScript dialect that is much more syntactically elegant, but still preserving 100% compatibility with regular JavaScript.

How to use SassAndCoffee

  • Add the package reference via NuGet
  • Add a .coffee, .scss, or .sass file to your project (an easy test is to just rename a CSS file to .scss)
  • Reference the file as if it was a CSS or .JS file (i.e. to reference “scripts/”, you should reference “scripts/test.js” in your SCRIPT tag)
  • To get the minified version of a file (either a coffee file or a standard js file), ask for the “.min.js” version (i.e. “scripts/test.min.js”)

What’s New in SassAndCoffee 1.1 – Update All The Things

SassAndCoffee updates its version of V8 to the latest released code that runs even faster, as well as the latest released version of CoffeeScript, version 1.1.2. In an attempt to catch some tricky-to-debug errors that folks are having on 64-Bit IIS, I’ve also disabled Jurassic on 64-bit AppPools, since it was unusably slow anyways. This means that if V8 fails, SassAndCoffee will crash and hopefully provide some debugging information to assist in telling me what’s going on.

What else is new?

SassAndCoffee now correctly handles JavaScript with non-ASCII characters, as long as the file is encoded in UTF-8. Thanks to Roman Kvasov who taught me a thing or two about V8 that I didn’t know, as well as contributing the code to fix it!

Written by Paul Betts

September 1st, 2011 at 11:32 pm